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Born in Vietnam and raised in the United States, Bory Tan blends her distinct Chinese-Cambodian heritage and innate sense of design to create unique looks that unlock the personal style of her clients. Drawn to fashion’s ability to reinvent and express the heart, her goal is to enlighten others of their personal identity and discover apparel that fit and flatter not only their silhouette, but also their character.

Coming stateside when she was one year old, Bory’s immigrant parents instilled in her the importance of dedication, integrity hard work, and pride into every avenue of her life. Unlike her four siblings, she yearned for a career in fashion. Her parents were unconvinced, so Bory left for San Francisco, the perfect environment to spread her wings. While attending San Francisco State University, she served as costume designer for numerous short films and music videos. She instantly fell in love with the role of stylist and decided to devote her life to helping others achieve their fashion goals.

Since graduating with a bachelor degree in fashion design and marketing, Bory has gone on to style A-list celebrities such as Dave Grohl, Davey Havok, Katherine Heigl, Jeannie Mai, and many others. She prides herself on not just having a great eye and love for fashion, but also an extensive knowledge of and background in fashion history, colors, textures, and design. With an unrivaled ability to infuse the looks seen on runways, the streets, vintage films, and popular media into her designs, Bory Tan is able to piece together personal looks for her clients that are bold, powerful, and completely their own.



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